I am beyond excited to join the Lincoln-Goldfinch team. I grew up in Seattle, Washington and attended Whitman College in eastern Washington state. I earned a degree in Politics with a focus on immigration politics.

While I had always been interested in travel, geography, language, and cultures different from my own, I became invested in immigration as I became involved in my rural community of Walla Walla, WA. There I began studying immigration politics and advocating our local government for increased access to social services and bilingual education for families in eastern Washington.

I made the journey to Austin, TX in 2015 and began working at Casa Marianella -- a shelter that provides an incredible community for immigrants, as well as housing, legal, medical and social services. At Casa, I not only found friendship and lasting relationships with folks from all walks of life, but I also found my passion for working within the legal system to ensure immigrant rights are upheld and defended.

Above all, I believe compassion, kindness, and mutual respect should be the starting place for all interactions, especially while navigating the unfair and imbalanced yet deeply personal US immigration system. I am humbled to join an incredible team of hardworking individuals passionate about social justice!

Jackie Mann  Image